Pregnancy and blood conditions – Here is a holistic idea about it

Women encounter a lot of health related changes during pregnancy and one of the changes can be associated with blood conditions. There are several kinds of blood disorders that women may face during the tenure of pregnancy. Some issues are minor and may get resolved on their own while some may require immediate medical intervention.
Blood issues that might be faced during pregnancy

There are substantial chances that pregnancy may increase the risk of blood related problems. If you were facing blood related disorder prior to pregnancy then there are chances that the situation may aggravate in pregnancy. Thus, the blood conditions during pregnancyshould be taken seriously and an experienced doctor should be contacted as early as possible.

Some of the blood related issues that women can face during pregnancy are like heavy menstruation, blood clots, internal bleeding, gestation thrombocytopenia, ITP, inherited bleeding, dilutional anemia, blood issues due to folate deficiency etc. It is really important to note any changes happening in the body and the doctor must be informed on time. Some blood conditions may not be that serious while some may need immediate medical assistance.

Some vital points that you must understand

The case of every patient will not be the same. Only a doctor is the best person who can diagnose the exact reason behind blood disorder and will thereby suggest the best treatment. Sometimes serious medical issue may be causing problem with the blood. For example there can be some issue with the heart and due to which one may be facing blood related disorder. Thus, physiological aspects can be interrelated to each other. You may be unable to interpret the exact reason behind deteriorating health but a doctor will able to guide you in the right manner.

Some really valuable advice

If you are already aware of your blood related problem then you should discuss the things openly with your doctor. The doctor will monitor the condition from time to time and will suggest you the right medicines. It is not necessary that the medicines that you were taking earlier will be suitable in pregnancy as well. They may be unsuitable for the phase of pregnancy and the child may face severe side effects due to it. So, if you are already taking some medicines for blood disorder then inform the doctor beforehand. The doctor will tell you that whether you can continue with such medicines or not.

Self medication is not advised in any case. When you are aware that there is some blood related issue then don’t take the medicines by looking for the information online or by reading some sort of published sources. Proper diagnosis is a must; otherwise you will put your life as well as your baby’s life at stake. Doctors have all the knowledge about pregnancy and heart medication. If the doctor will come to a conclusion that blood disorder is due to heart condition then heart related medicines can do wonders for improving health. So, always follow the opinion of doctor.

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