Tips to Avoid Diseases during Monsoon Season

Monsoon is the season that is long-awaited to reduce the scorching temperature. Apart from lowering the temperatures, rains cleanse the atmosphere, the ground, and everything it touches. But as it is known, with good comes the bad. Excessive rains or improper infrastructure can lead to clogging of water bodies in many areas, especially in low-developed regions. Accumulated water bodies attract mosquito breeding that leads to the spread of many infectious diseases like dengue and malaria. Viral infections are also common during the rainy season.

Additionally, the humid atmosphere can also cause fungal infections and skin diseases if proper care is not taken. Moreover, if you are a patient of chronic skin diseases like acne, psoriasis, and eczema, there are high chances that your infections get worse during the season. But, if you come in contact with any of the infections even after taking good care, you need not worry your pockets with the monsoon insurance cover.

Tips to Avoid Diseases during the Rainy Season

  • Majority of the Indians are fond of street foods. But monsoon season is just not the right time to delight your taste buds. Street foods have a high chance of getting contaminated with many infections. Therefore, it is always ideal to avoid them during this season.
  • Use good quality insect repellents to avoid mosquito bite or other insect bites that are the primary source of spreading infections.
  • Keep yourself dry and clean as and when possible and disinfect your room and your bathing water.
  • Make sure to intake foods and drinks that have high antibacterial properties.
  • Avoid staying in damped clothes for a long time and consider taking edibles rich in Vitamin C to boost your immune system.
What to do if you get infected?

If you incur any infections even after taking the necessary precautions, or your prevailing conditions worsen during the monsoon season, you need not think about disturbing your savings. With a monsoon insurance policy, the expenses caused as a result of the season will be covered. Dominant financial companies like Bajaj Finserv offer a range of pocket insurance policies in an economical price range without any hassle. All you got to do is to fill up a quick application form and pay the annual premium payment. Your policy will be issued, and you can save the receipt for making claims when required.

Benefits and Features of Monsoon Insurance Cover

  • For the hospitalization expenses incurred for the treatment of infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, or injury due to an accident in the monsoon up to Rs 50,000 with the malaria insurance policy/ monsoon insurance policy.
  • You can avail money for the pre-hospitalization expenses for the diagnostic tests, doctor’s fee, etc.
  • The cost of medicines during the hospitalization is also covered under the malaria insurance plans.
  • You can claim for coverage for 15 days before and after the hospitalization.
  • The charges paid for the rental of the room, ICU charges, and transfusion (if any) is also covered.
  • With the insurance policy, you can avail daily room rental up to Rs 1000 for a regular room and Rs 2000 for an ICU.
What is not covered under the policy?

Bajaj Finserv will not provide any coverage under this policy if:

  • You are under treatment for the diseases that had initiated before the beginning of the policy.
  • No expenses will be covered for the hospitalization that initiates within 30 days of the policy inception.

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