Is It Legal To Buy And Use= Hemp Oil in the US?

Hemp is a plant that is closely related to marijuana, which remains a controlled substance. Due to its relation to marijuana, many people ask the question is Hemp Oil illegal? The answer to this question is pretty straight forward overall but does require a nuanced explanation to understand why is Hemp Oil illegal or legal in the US? The short answer is that hemp oil is legal to use in the United States and considered safe, though it is not subject to regular testing and strict regulation. 

What is Hemp Oil and Why is it Legal in the United States? 

Hemp oil is a substance that is extracted from the hemp seed. It has a high concentration of a chemical compound known as cbd and hemp oil is commonly known as cbd oil as a result. This chemical compound differs from THC which is the chemical in marijuana that is psychotropic and leads to the high like feeling users get from marijuana. While there are trace elements in hemp oil the quantity is nowhere sufficient to lead to the high feeling from marijuana. As such, people don’t use hemp oil for getting high and it is legal to buy and use across the United States. Why though do people use hemp oil

Why do People Use Hemp Oil? 

Most people use hemp oil for the medicinal benefits of the oil. Hemp oil is applied to the skin to help with aches and bruises and also to benefit from the moisturizer aspects of it. It is great for treating dry skin as well as improving the strength of your hair. It is safe to ingest hemp oil and there are many health benefits from doing so. Hemp oil contains antioxidants in it which bind free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer. It can interact with the neurotransmitters in your brain and reduce pain as well. It serves as an anti-inflammatory medicine and can reduce pain from inflammation which makes it great for those who have injuries and illnesses. 

Hemp oil can combat insomnia, mental health problems, and help to treat ptsd. It reduces anxiety and can be used as a treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disease. 

Best yet, there are no significant side effects of using hemp oil as it is not addictive and doesn’t cause significant ailments like other medicinal products may have. This safety is one of the most significant benefits of hemp oil. 

Changing Legality 

There is some changing legality surrounding marijuana reform in the United States. Most states allow for marijuana use for medical purposes and a growing number have legalized it for recreational use. While hemp oil is currently legal and in wide usage, with its legality not even a question at all, hemp oil may have some competition if and when marijuana becomes legal and is in regular use. Still, hemp oil has some unique benefits that will keep it being used without any of the side effects that marijuana has; unless you are looking for those side effects that is.

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