6 Advantages of Access that you should take advantage of - Access Course in FEMETAL

It may be "more natural" to create databases and manage them in Excel, this is only because we have not really given Access an authentic data management tool, remembering that Excel is designed to calculate the data that manages Access, and on which Clara, our expert in Microsoft Office, has revealed 6 very interesting advantages:

1. Access, fast and simple storing, managing and sharing data.

The interface of Access, Microsoft Office (Get office 2019) Fluent, is designed so that any user without specialized knowledge of databases, can work professionally. Many times the information we handle has to transcend our local hard drive to be shared with other users, a task for which Access is designed specifically by very easily resolving its connection with Microsoft Office SharePoint, thus being able to easily share files, perform audits and consultations , or backup copies.

2. Start quickly using predesigned solutions.

Access comes with a complete library of predesigned solutions that will allow us to track the immediate information, without the need to design the forms and reports, valuable Access tools. Once we gain access to Access, we can modify these templates and create our own. The learning process is natural and brings great benefits.

3. Different formats of the same report for different recipients.

Access allows us to present information in very different and personalized ways, an advantage from which we will derive much benefit when we want to present a group of data in different ways for different recipients. The possibilities here are very broad, which guarantees that it will fulfill practically the total of our needs.

4. Creation of data tables faster and as simple as an Excel table.

We love data tables because they are so useful. We apply them daily in our work for many purposes, and although many use Excel for it, it is only because they have not known the potential and the ease with which Access solves our needs. Access is specialized in tables, and therefore provides us with interesting and productive functions such as automatic detection of the type of information (dates, currencies, etc.). In addition, all of our Excel tables can be directly imported or pasted into Access to keep track of the most effective information.

5. Added value in the attachments and multivalue.

Photos of products, spreadsheets, word documents, PDF .. Access fields allow you to attach a wide range of files that enrich the information of the data that we store and manage in Acccess. In addition, multivalued fields allow us to select more than one value (for example, assign a task to more than one person) in each cell, which is really useful in many cases.

6. Update and collection of intuitive and agile information.

Send a form to a teammate via email and use your answers to fill in and update the Access table without having to rewrite the information. Do you save time and mistakes right?

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