Top 7 Advantages of Proper Contextual Link Building

Contextual link building refers to a specific kind of link, which is located in the body of an article or any other on-page content. This kind of link building is generally considered to be effective as it boosts the ranking of the post in the search engines platforms. Here are a few advantages of taking a proper contextual link for your blog or website.

Increase Awareness

Most of the new websites and blogs do not get proper exposure initially. In order to avoid it, you must have a proper contextual link. Placing your contextual link strategically on a popular blog will not only increase the traffic for your website or blog but also increase the exposure of your blog. Once more, people get to know about your blog or website. They start subscribing to your services. This way, you can start promoting your services and brand easily.

Generate More Links

Contextual link building, if done properly, can increase the awareness of your blog as well as create more links for your blog. Yes, you heard it right! If your blog’s contextual link is placed on a prominent website, then people would get to know your website and they would start referring to your content on their website or blog (if they blog in the same niche). This is a kind of snowball effect.

The end result would be self-generating quality links for your blog, which is a rewarding factor in terms of SEO. So, try to get your blog link placed on popular blogs that can give your blog more exposure. If you are new to this kind of link building, you can avail SEO services in Hyderabad, Mumbai or any other place for your blog.

LinkBack Effect

If you would like to add a contextual link to a popular blog on your site, then the chances that the webmasters will be noticing it is very high. The webmasters of those popular blogs can even link back to your content as a ‘Thank you’. Links, when generated from a quality blog, will receive a quality response. So, make sure to link to quality blogs in your content.

Increase Engagement in Social Media

Links not only increase the rankings in the search engines but also increase the engagement for the content on social media. More engagement is directly proportional to sharing your website content through more number of social media accounts. Though the links that come from social media are usually no-follow, they are one of the major factors for ranking your website. Search engines consider this as one of the factors for ranking your website.

Increase Content Authority

It has been continuously proved that blogs that link to higher authority sites always rank higher in the search engines. The search engine crawlers are smart enough to understand which sites have good authority. So, if you are linking to authority sites, the search engines understand that you have done your research very well while drafting your content. So, whenever you are drafting your blog content, make sure to link to a relevant authority blog in your niche as this helps to boost your article rankings.

Increase the Trust Factor

Getting a contextual link for your blog not only increases the traffic or rankings in the search engine but also increases the trust in the eyes of your blog visitors. When your blog link is placed on an authority website, it means that the authority sites have found your content to be authentic and trustworthy. So, the visitors following the authority blogs will trust your site when they find your blog link on the authority website.

Quality Traffic

Quality websites or authority websites always have huge targeted traffic. Having a contextual backlink placed on these blogs will surely drive targeted quality traffic to your blog. The higher the quality of traffic is, the higher are the chances of ranking your website on search engine results.

These are some of the advantages of contextual link building on your site. If you do not know how to approach blogs for contextual links, then you can outsource this to a digital marketing company in Delhi. This will help you scale up your blog/website easily.

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