Prostate Cancer Treatment In India: Things That You Must Know while you are Selecting a Hospital

The prostate gland is located between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum and this area is vulnerable to cancer due to many reasons. This cancer is called prostate cancer. This type of cancer grows because of the cancerous cells that develop in the tissues. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer that men are prone to. This cancer may spread to the other areas near the prostate glands like the lymph nodes, bones, and other regions.
Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
Advanced stage of prostate cancer reveals the following symptoms-

• The need to frequently urinate.
• When there is difficulty while urinating.
• When a person feels the need to urinate frequently at night.
• When there is irritation in the private areas like a painful sensation.
• There will be blood in the semen and urine.
• Some changes in the bowel function.
• Unexpected weight loss all of a sudden.
• When a person tires easily and always feel the fatigue.
• When there is the pain in the back, pain in the hip and pain in the pelvic region.
The causes of prostate cancer are-
• Older people are at risk to get prostate cancer. The more the age the more dangerous it is.
• If a family member had or was diagnosed with the prostate cancer there is a possibility that another close relative is at risk to get cancer.
• If there is an inflammation or swelling in the prostate regions. These infections can cause cancer.
• Obesity is also a major cause of prostate cancer. Obese people are at great risks.
• Fatty foods are unhealthy and people who eat it daily are vulnerable.
• Smoking is a major issue. Men who smoke are very much at risk of getting cancer.
• The deficiency of Vitamin D can also be the cause of prostate cancer.

The treatments for prostate cancer are-
There are many options available for the treatment of prostate cancer. The person suffering from prostate cancer has to become acquainted with these treatments and gain knowledge about it. The treatments are-

• Surveillance and watch

The growth of prostate cancer is a slow process thereby active observance is at first done by the doctors. The doctors keep a tab on cancer and decide on the treatment when they are carefully monitoring it.

• Surgery

The surgery is performed if cancer has not spread to the other organs. The surgeon will try to get rid of the entire cancerous prostate gland and the tissues around it. Laparoscopic approach performed or robot surgery is done to remove cancer.

• Chemotherapy

The drugs are provided through the injections in the vein. It may also be given orally. This will put an end to the growth of the cancer cells killing them. This treatment will also decrease the tumor size.
There are other treatments also other than the ones listed below. You have to delve on these matters before finding the medical facility for your treatment. Acquiring knowledge about your condition and the treatments will help you be aware.

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