Pregnancy Infections: What To Do And What Not To

Getting sick due to infections for the pregnant women can be risky and scary. While normal infections like cough and cold, fever, flu, upset stomach or some vaginal infections has nothing to do with the foetus inside; acute sinus infection, bacterial meningitis, chicken pox, zika, genital and anal warts, malaria, or chicken pox may hurt the baby. If diagnosed with parasitic infection toxoplasmosis or the viral infection hepatitis B, one should come in contact with the healthcare person immediately. Infections like these, if not treated properly and immediately, can affect the baby, cause birth defects and sometimes loss of birth.  

So here are a few thumb rules for the would-be-mothers to prevent infections during pregnancy:

Stay away from sick children, their saliva and urine

Reduce contact with saliva and urine from babies and young children that carry a virus called cytomegalovirus (CMV) which can cause problems for some newborns, including microcephaly and hearing loss. CMV virus can pass to the foetus through the mother.

Some ways to avoid getting affected through CMV is to reduce contact with saliva and urine of infants and young children. One can do that by not sharing food with children, washing hands before and after changing diapers, not sharing their utensils, etc. However these are not foolproof plans to get rid of CMV, but can reduce the chances of getting one.

Avoid raw and under cooked meals

Studies show that pregnant women are already 20 percent more susceptible to infection than normal population. This makes them forget their favourite food that contains raw, uncooked or undercooked meat, fish and eggs. Raw fish and shellfish are often contaminated with bacteria and parasites which can cause several infections during pregnancy and harm both the mother and the unborn baby. Some of these can cause adverse health effects and harm both the mother and unborn baby. Pregnancy infections medicine used to treat these infections can also cause birth defects, sometimes loss of birth. 

Similarly, one should avoid consuming meat that is not properly cooked. Several bacteria and parasites, including Toxoplasma, E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella can pass by eating undercooked meat preparations, thus threatening the unborn baby with complex neurological conditions, epilepsy, blindness, and sometimes miscarriage.

Lightly scrambled eggs, poached eggs, half boil eggs, cake icing containing egg white is better to avoid by pregnant mothers in order to get infected by Salmonella. This infection usually affects the mother and causes vomiting, upset stomach, and diarrhoea, but in some cases may pass onto the unborn baby, leading to premature birth. infection treatments during pregnancy to cure all these are often reported to create birth defects, stillborn, miscarriage and neurological issues.

Get rid of your cat

Toxoplasma is a single cell parasite that takes birth, breeds and spread through cat litter. It affects humans; however, pregnant women have chances to get affected to the maximum. If you a cat pet and you are pregnant, it is advised to not clean the cat or its litter box with hands. Toxoplasma attacks pregnant women if they have not washed their hands after cleaning cat litter, or have worked in the soil where the litter is disposed.

With these, avoiding consumption of unpasteurised or raw milk, avoiding meeting and sharing food with infected people, getting tested for STDs before planning for pregnancy, taking vaccinations during pregnancy etc can help in zero or lesser chances of infection during pregnancy.

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