4 Tips Which Will Ensure That You Hire Only The Best Wedding Emcee

Do you know about the concept of hiring a wedding Emcee? We bet that most of us (if we talk in the context of Indian weddings) are not aware of this term. So we’ll make it even more simple and direct, a wedding Emcee is similar to the host of ladies sangeet. Emcee or also said as M.C. formally stands for Master of Ceremony and is the one who is responsible for guiding the whole event.

This trend of hiring an Emcee is a common phenomenon in western weddings but it is a new concept for the Indian culture. Now you must be thinking ‘How come its new? We have anchors in sangeet functions since forever!’. The basic difference between a function anchor and Emcee is that of the coverage of an event. An anchor is only responsible for keeping guests engaged during on-going dance performances and filling gaps in between. Whereas an Emcee is responsible for handling the event from start to end and not just a particular part of it.

Like we said this trend is gaining momentum slowly yet steadily in India. And because of being a new concept, couples are unaware of how to hire an ultimate Emcee in Bangalore for their upcoming wedding festivities. To help you out, we bring key tips and tricks to pick the best Emcee for your wedding.

      Confident and Friendly: Being the center of attention at a function with almost 500-600 people needs confidence (a lot one at that!). And its the primary quality as well an asset for any wedding Emcee. At the same time, he or she will be interacting with almost every guest present at the wedding, therefore it is necessary for him or her to have a friendly aura and be more approachable to the guests.

       Experience: Just having confidence and an extrovert nature doesn’t make anyone the best Emcee. There has to be a perfect mixture of experience as well because the wise ones have said ‘practice maketh a man perfect’. So make sure you ask the shortlisted Emcees about their past experiences in hosting wedding events. Understand that there are a different type of Emcees who host corporate events, private parties, outdoor events, and others. Therefore hire the one who has major experience in managing wedding events.

     Have a One to One Session: Once you have finalized the Emcee for your wedding, it is very important to have a detailed conversation with him/her. And do not forget to take along your fiance for that meeting. As you both will be the attention of that Emcee throughout the function, hence it is necessary to break the ice and get everyone on the same page.

     Brief Him/Her About the Timings: The secret to a successful event is hiring an Emcee who binds all the guests with various activities throughout the event. And for this, he/she need to have an idea of all activities that will take place and their timings as well as the sequence. It is your responsibility to provide such details to the Emcee well before time so that he/she can plan accordingly.

These were our 4 key tips for hiring a wedding Emcee who will make the wedding festivities fun and memorable for all. But have you booked the wedding venue yet? If not then no worries, just visit which is India’s most preferred online wedding market.

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