Can You Guard Your Hair from Pollution?

Many of you have deep love and admiration for your looks and personality right? It is good to be careful and prudent about yourself. But do you consider your hair? Do you put any extra steps in taking care of your hair? Your hair play a great role in overall personality that you have.

Since you go to so many places every day, you go to office, market or simply with your loved ones to different streets; you have to pamper your hair and take care of them. There is so much pollution outside that your hair get fizzy and really rough and sometimes full of pollutants too. You have to be careful about how you protect your hair. it would be good if you practice the Best tips to protect hair from pollution. Yes, there are some simple and effective tips to help you fight pollution.

Three times Wash a week

If you think you are the only one who works hard throughout the week and gets tired and messed up then you are wrong. In all your actions and moves, your hair do contribute equally. They are always there next to you supporting you in their own ways. The point is when you do so much to relax yourself or pamper yourself then you have to take care of your hair too. Your hair too demands relaxation and care. You have to make sure that you wash your hair maximum three times a week. If you are one of those who simply wash your hair only once a week or even once in fortnight then you are inviting pollution to make its home in your hair. You have to wash your hair maximum three and minimum two times a week. In this way, your hair would stay fresh, clean and hygienic. Even if there were any pollutants or dust therein; your hair would fight them off easily. if you feel you can wash your hair regularly like daily then it won’t work either. It is because if you wash your hair daily, you might end up ripping off your hair of natural oils.

Wash it till the roots

If you are really proud of your efficiency, that is good. But you have to be slow at washing your hair. You cannot simply drench your hair, put shampoo and rinse it quickly. Remember, if you wash your hair and leave behind some sort of shampoo in your hair because of ineffective rinsing; you might end up with discouragements. The shampoo remained therein might end up causing trouble and accumulating all the dust. You have to wash your hair properly and make sure there is no shampoo left before you step out of your bathroom.   And yes, make sure you use the right shampoos like Ketomac shampoo because only good shampoos fight for your hair and others do pretend to be good.


Thus, if you already have these points on your list and you practice them; it is fantastic. but otherwise, it is never to late to add them up on your list.

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