Body Odor And Goiter: Really They Are Related?

Have you experienced embarrassing standing surrounded by your friends and they are likely to want to stay away from you just because of your body odor? It is actually a bad situation that makes the person losing the self-confidence. People sometimes get confused that after having shower two times in a day and using the perfumes and deo’s still they are having the unpleasant smell coming from their body that is bad body odor.

The human nose can recognize 4000 different scents and can detect 1000 of scents. But when a person is having the bad body odor and he smells it continuous then the nose gets overwhelmed by the smell and no longer detects that particular smell. That’s why the garbage collector doesn’t feel bad of having these bad smell as they are going through this for a long time but other people can easily and quickly detect the foul smell coming from the garbage. But here we are going to talk about whether goiter is responsible for the body odor?

Body odor when crosses the limit then it is included in the medical problem. Like bad breathe which indicates the presence of kidney problem like this goiter caused by the hyperthyroidism is responsible for the sweating that makes the body more hospitable to odor-causing bacteria. Some foods like garlic and onion are also responsible for body odor.

There is a kind of disease where the kidney fails to eliminate the waste products called the uremia which is also responsible for the body odor. When a person is having an excessive body odor with particular health issues then he should consult the doctor for the treatment of the root cause. Nowadays it becomes easy to have all the medicines at your doorsteps like Canadian pharmacy which is the trustworthy medicinal store from where you can collect any kind of medicines.

The body odor actually is because of the bacteria responsible for the secretion of the apocrine sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands are the glands that cool the body while on the other hand, apocrine sweat glands produce the milky fluid which is responsible for the bad body odor. The milky fluid is the food for the bacteria and after having these bacteria produces the 3-methyl-2 hexenoic acid that can help you in driving your enemies away that means responsible for the foul smell.  People sometimes shave the misconception that working in the chemical factory makes one’s body to smell bad but it’s not the body’s fault it disappears when the person leaves the place.

These body odor creating bacteria’s basically remains in the underarms and the crotch; this is the reason why these areas smell so stinky. Next time when you felt that your body odor is making you embarrassed then visits a doctor to find out the root cause to eliminate it fast. Keep your body hygiene at the top priority and eat healthily to have a fresh and happy body.

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