What is SBI Bc Customer Service Point

Customer Service Point is an initiative launched by the Reserve Bank of India for people living in villages or other remote areas who are deprived of banking services due to the unavailability of a bank branch in their area. With such a system, the person does not need to go to the bank to take advantage of banking services. Its banks do not have to reach the village where the person can do the transaction.

If you also want to work in SBI BC, then you have got this opportunity. SBI has recently launched a fellowship program, which will make you earn 15 thousand rupees per month from Customer Service Point. The name of this fellowship is SBI Youth Fellowship. Under this program, you have to help the bank to change the face of the related village.

This program has been started for the village where you can improve the look of the village as well as teach the children. Not only will you be trained for this work, but you will also be given 15 thousand rupees. Not only that, you will also be given Medical Allowance and Traveling Allowance under this fellowship.

This is Bhopal's expert
About this fellowship, Bhopal's expert Punit Gupta says that it is a great opportunity for the MP youth to earn a lot of money as well as get a chance to learn a lot. Through this program, he will not only give a new look to the village, but it will also connect with various professionals and NGOs across the country, which can benefit them in future.

SBI has already given a chance
This is not the first time that people of Bhopal are getting an opportunity to join SBI BC. Even before this, people have joined SBI through kiosk. Let us tell you that SBI has around 12 kiosk in different areas of Bhopal. These kiosk are present in Ashoka Gardens, Navin Nagar, Arora Hills, Vishwakarma Nagar, Govindpura, Barragadh, Karond, Awadhpuri, Semra, Arora Hills, Chikod Road and Ayodhya Nagar.

This is the kiosk's owner's say
Chandan Sharma of Bhopal runs kiosk. They say that earning money together while doing something is very interesting. Through this kisok, sandalwood earns about 10 thousand rupees every month.
Kiosk Banking is an important step in the direction of financial inclusion. Financial inclusion is meant to enable weak sections of society or low-income groups to enable financial services to be used at affordable cost. Kiosk has small internet-enabled booths installed in villages where customers come to take advantage of basic banking services.

The idea behind the work of Kiosk is that it should be supported by private (public), public and public sector banks. It acts as a touch point between the bank and the customer. Apart from deposits, withdrawals, remittances, banking services can be provided in the form of micro-credit, insurance and overdraft services.

It can open no-frills bank account for a customer by taking a picture of a retailer, taking fingerprints and through other necessary information. No Frills Account is an account which villagers do not have to deposit any minimum amount to open. With the requisite documents to carry forward this process, these details are sent to the bank branch. Once the account is created, the customer can withdraw or deposit money through the internet enabled kiosk branch.
All the things related to SBI Kiosk Banking You can also know how to start kiosk banking?

Features of Kiosk Banking
Kiosk Banking was launched by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through State Bank of India (SBI), the first year in India which was quite successful. After this, Bank of India (BOI) started Kiosk Banking. Kiosk Banking offers the following features to its customers:
·        Account Open
·        Cash Deposit
·        Cash Withdrawal
·        RD Account Open
·        Money Transfer
·        Passbook
·        Cheque Book

Use of Kiosk Banking
These small-2 Kiosk Booths can be installed in the small population of the country and remote areas where the banks have not yet reached. Every person can take advantage of basic banking services. All banks in private (public), public and cooperative sectors can open their Kiosk Centers. They can also make online payment by opening a bank account, cash depositing and cash Withdraw.

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