Piece of Advice for Would Be Mothers

Mother is a gardener who not only plants the seed within herself but also constantly keeps on nourishing the sapling. The child has nothing of its own. Mother is not only responsible for the physical traits of the new born but also the characteristics and the qualities which the new born achieves during the 9 month pregnancy period. The quality of the life the mother leads determine the character, soundness of the mind and other traits which the new born will be born with. Leading a quality life is of utmost importance for the pregnant women. Some advice's which must be followed by the pregnant women are:
  • Essential nutrients: Infant’s brain and spinal cord are developed in the first month of the pregnancy so the mother should follow a healthy diet and should include sources of iron, calcium and folic acid from the very start. The mother can also start supplements if prescribed by the doctor.
  • Exercise: A pregnant women must do pregnancy exercise daily for at least 15-20 minutes. It not only reduces stress and improves circulation but also helps in better sleep and helps with mood swings which are very common during pregnancy.
  • Educate yourself: A pregnant women should watch her actions and should always keep up reading about the infant and how to do the upbringing effectively. She should learn about childcare and infant care. A pregnant lady must seek expert advice for pregnancy from time to time.
  • Adore yourself: A would be mother must learn to be happy and should adore the new body. She must be happy with the weight gain and should adore so that a healthy infant is born.
  • No more smoking: For a healthy pregnancy the women must at all cost say no to smoking. Nicotine hampers the life of both the mother and the infant. It causes complications in pregnancy.
  • Follow proper skincare regime: A women when pregnant go through various skin changes. Stretch marks, hair fall etc are the common problems faced by women. Women must follow proper diet for the pregnancy glow and should take good care of her skin during the pregnancy phase.
  • Invest in comfortable clothes: A women is already going through so many problems during the pregnancy phase. In order to avoid rashes and uneasiness all across the body, pregnant women must invest in loose and comfortable clothes. She must wear soft clothes every time. She must invest in maternity corsets for supporting the child and to hold the child at correct position.Investing in maternity bras is really essential.
  • Being Happy is the only mantra: Happiness can ease the problems that the women are going through. She should be thankful that she is blessed with the amazing gift of pregnancy. She should relax and meditate and focus on love and care that the new born demands. Minimum usage of smartphones is appreciated at this phase. Many websites offer pregnancy advice live chat for pregnant women and her queries.
  • Using less Caffeine and say no to alcohol:A pregnant women must limit the use of caffeine and should limit the intake of tea and coffee. Higher intake can lead to miscarriage and low birth weight. Drinking alcohol should be avoided as it goes directly to the baby through bloodstream which is not safe.

The pregnant women must follow the expert advice for pregnancy mentioned above for a smooth pregnancy.

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