Essential Reasons to Opt for Maternity Insurance in Your Health Cover Policy

As any parent would know, rearing a child can be quite rewarding, but it also comes with a sense of financial responsibility. This is exactly why opting for a maternity insurance plan in your health cover policy can help you tackle rising child-care expenses, and let you focus on other aspects of raising a child.

There are many health insurance with maternity coverage plans in India. It provides financial security against expenses related to both, the delivery charges and the child-care costs. Read more to know about the benefits of maternity insurance and why you should include it in your health insurance package:

  1. Doctor’s fees and other charges
Medical professionals such as doctors and physicians charge hefty fees for consultation and surgery. Moreover, caesarean delivery and anaesthetist charges may add up hefty to your expenses, more so when admitted to a hospital for childbirth.

A maternity insurance policy covers you against the hospital charges and the fees paid towards the gynaecologist, anaesthetist, paediatrician, and other resident medical officers. Additionally, some policies also cover pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, with up to 30 days before and 60 days post-hospitalisation.

  1. Delivery in private hospitals is expensive
Being admitted to a private nursing home is expensive, but they are equipped with better technology and skilled professionals offering better maternity care. A normal delivery in these nursing homes can cost you around Rs.1-2 lakhs.

With a maternity cover in your health insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about the finances while choosing a nursing home or hospital for the delivery. This makes a vital difference, especially considering the many possible complications attached to a pregnancy, where you would want the best possible doctors attending to you and your newborn.

  1. Vaccination of the baby
Some maternity health insurance plans also offer coverage for the expenses incurred due to the mandatory vaccination of the newborn. Most health insurance plans offer this coverage for until a year after the delivery, but it can be extended for up to 12 years.

  1. Plan your family accordingly
A maternity insurance plan allows the couple to plan their family without any financial burden. Most of them look to delay their baby because of the financial expense that comes with having and raising a child. By buying an insurance policy with maternity benefits, you’re provided financial protection against the delivery charges and the child-care expenses right from day zero.

  1. Get prenatal and postnatal costs covered
The birth of a newborn involves regular visits to the clinic or hospital for routine check-ups. Along with any other equipment or medication needed for the newborn. Most maternity policies provide this cover thus allowing parents to enjoy a stress-free time with their little one.

  1. Enjoy lower premium with the same cover
As with any other health insurance plan you can book the policy even before you wish to get pregnant. So, even if you opt for a pregnancy later on you can still avail similar benefits and save yourself from the rising cost of maternity care.

Therefore, by opting for a maternity coverage in your health insurance policy you not only cover healthcare expenses for your family, but also the maternity costs at an additional premium amount. Moreover, it also provides tax benefits up to Rs.60,000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

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