Best Way To Send Flowers And Cake In India

Are you planning to send both cakes and flowers to a friend residing elsewhere? But you don't have a clear idea regarding what should be the combination you should go for. Therefore today will give some tips on the cake and flower pairings that you should follow.

Racer Car Cake: Have you ever thought of creating designer cakes for your friend? If not yet it's time to surprise your male friend with a racer sports car cake. Definitely it will take your friend to years back when he was an avid collector of cars. Basically you can get this car in multiple flavors like vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, pineapple and strawberry. Along with the cake you can also send flowers to India as well. In that case you can choose yellow roses with white daisies for your friend.

DumbleCake: Does your boyfriend love to spend time in the gym? If so then this year on his birthday you should gift him a designer cake in a dumble shape. As you know he does not prefer egg made cakes so you can ask for making the same without egg. Additionally other ingredients also add amazing flavor to the cake. One more thing you should note that the cake is actually a semi fondant type of cake so your boyfriend will certainly get lost in its dreamy taste. For more you can add a bouquet of orchids with few red roses as well.

Football Cup Cake: Do you love to cheer for your favorite football team? And how does it seem when your team wins the cup. Well in order to commemorate your passion for football this year on your anniversary your wife has brought a designer cake in the shape of the cup. The entire cake is frosty and creamy and well. Mostly you will get this in six different types of flavors like the black forest, strawberry pineapple. But you can also request for customization as mixing the two flavors like strawberry with black forest. Certainly it will create a completely new taste and your husband will just love it without any doubt.

Stunning Stiletto Cake: You know that your girlfriend is fashionable and trendy. Honestly she loves to put on stilettos on her feet. Therefore this time you can create her favorite stilettos on the Valentine’s Day cake. This is a fondant cake with dazzling black stilettos on the white base of the cake. In fact the border of the cake has red colored rose flowers which again stand for the feminine beauty the cake holds. Thus send flowers online by means of some best online portals.

Make Up Hampers Cake: As your girlfriend is a great fond of branded makeup. So now you can put all these on a designer makeup cake. Definitely she will love the fondant cake but along with that you should gift her stick of pink roses as well.

Thus these are some of the best cake and flower ideas that you should try. As all of these are designer cakes paired with fresh bloomed flowers.

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