What Should You Look For In Your Kitchen Sink

Do you like doing dishes at the end of the day?

Doesn’t sound appealing does it, definitely not when you have planned to have a good long sleep and an early night.

But, you know what you can make this task interesting by incorporating a beautifully designed artistic piece in your kitchen. It could be from everything to anything as simple as a Kitchen Island to an eye-catching Kitchen sink.

Now here, your kitchen sink may sound like a really minute element in your kitchen décor but can you do without it?

Or what if you have to walk all the way to the end corner of the kitchen especially to was your veggies or throw away your trash?

This brings to sight that we need to design kitchen in a way where you can easily walk to the sink and get your chores done. To avoid wrong installation of appliances or work zone you can get in touch with professionals like Saturn Interiors as they can suggest the best solutions.

They have a team of experts who can understand your needs and based on them design a kitchen which looks just perfect for your living. The cherry on the cake is that they recommend affordable solutions and within your budget.

Discussed below are some facts that you must consider while choosing a sink for your kitchen-


Often, households prefer two separate bowls besides one another. This makes your task convenient as you can wash utensils in one sink and rinse them in the other one. You and your partner can simultaneously complete this chore.

But, in case you already have a dish-washer then having two sink bowls appears to be space consuming. Regardless of this, some prefer to have two separate sink bowls and you fall into this class then remember 70:30 or 60:40 ratio. This can save you from consuming unnecessary kitchen space.

Space Consumption

The sink depth differs for households depending upon the size of the kitchen. But if you look at the sink depth in general it is approximately between 8-10 inches. You will find rare instances of 6 inch shallow and 12 inch deep sinks.

The thumb rule is that a deeper sink can hold more dishes and utensils. Plus, if you are someone who loves baking or cooking in general then the quantity of utensils are likely to be higher. This means you need more space than what others usually require.


Today, you would come across a wide range of sink bowls which have spectacular and innovative designs. There are unusual shapes available in the markets which add visual beauty to your kitchen.
When you are looking at the style quotient make sure that you do not overlook the functionality aspect. If you do not wish to compromise of functionality and be stylish at the same time then a rectangular bowl is regarded the best.

Raw Material

When you search for sinks there are versatile materials that you may come across. You might be familiar with features of them but others might be new to you and you fail to understand their attributes.

At this point, you need to carry out in-depth research about them so that you can determine which material is suitable for your home. Foot traffic of your house is one key aspect which you must consider while choosing material of your kitchen sink.

For instance, if you kids and frequent visitors at your home maintain a sink made from glass can be a tricky task. Instead, if this is your situation you should look for varieties in stainless steel. This material is stain resistant, heat-resistant and is available in high range of variety.

Besides, this material fits within your budget and can bear multiple scratches from your kids or any other individual.

Apart from this porcelain and granite are two other materials suitable for households. They beautify your home and maintain functionality at the same time.

What if it’s a bar sink?

This is commonly referred as and used for food separation sink and is completely different from the first one. This sink is usually not used for cleaning and is comparatively smaller in size.

Bar sinks are predominantly followed as a trend and not concluded to be a basic necessity for your kitchen. If you have adequate kitchen space then you can easily incorporate bar sink in your kitchen.
But, if you have space constraints then you can scrap this idea. Instead, utilise the
space as an extended kitchen island and place your kitchen appliances on them.

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