What Can You Do To Make Your Thumbnails Appealing?

When putting up a video across any platform, be it Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, one thing is extremely crucial, the thumbnail. A quality thumbnail and title can get you millions of views and could put the spotlight on you. Apart from making the right thumbnail, sharing it across all platforms can also do wonders; sharing a large YouTube thumbnail for Facebook can help you increase your outreach.

The question now remains what attributes could you add to your thumbnail to make it look better, more appealing and click-worthy.

 Bright picture: The importance of using a bright, well-lit picture is extremely important. This creates a better visual appeal to the user, who will instantly get attracted to the brighter picture. It also makes everything else in the frame look clearer. Taking pictures in sunlight and or in good clear lighting can always make your thumbnails look better.

 Vibrant colour palette: A vibrant picture is always more important than anything else, radiant colours always pull in users. Using a picture which is taken with a colourful background or in a picturesque location, is always very important. Colours such as blue, red, green and other deep hues make it very appealing for viewers, even if they aren’t in the target audience.

  Action shot: If your video involves an interesting sequence of action, you can slow it down frame by frame and grab a screenshot of the most enticing one, using this as your thumbnail can do wonders. It will not only intrigue viewers, but it will also appeal to a broader audience base. An action shot is often usually something which we cannot see with our naked eyes, hence the visual appeal of such a picture used as a thumbnail is even more pronounced.

  Question or text in the picture: By far one of the biggest difference makers in thumbnail success, if you use a relevant question or use a phrase, which questions the viewers, it can work well in your favour. The reason is that as human beings, we are often drawn to answering questions and queries, hence when you pose a question in a picture, finding out the answer can give the viewer a sense of relief.

  Using your subject’s face: If the subject in question is yourself or somebody else, using a picture which highlights your facial features, such as your smile and your eyes can do wonders. Humans find smiles trustworthy, and looking into someone’s eyes assures them of the same thing, this effect works quite well in video thumbnails, thus helping you get the necessary views.

  Witty title: Apart from the thumbnail, which can only do so much, having a good title can also lure in viewers. Using a title, which is a query or an intriguing phrase, you are bound to attract a whole lot of viewers.

With these points in mind, you can proceed to create a good thumbnail for your YouTube video. Using software you can customize YouTube thumbnails just for Facebook and reach a bigger audience.

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