Types of Surgeries Conducted by Skin Specialists

There are various types of health ailments that may take place at any point of time, which may be internal or external. ‘Beauty is skin deep’. As the proverb goes, in today’s highly competitive world, it has become important to take care of the body and to be in good health, so as to earn favors from others and achieve success in career. Looks do mean a lot not only to girls and women of all ages, but also children and men alike.

Taking care of the skin

The skin is the body’s outermost part and plays a crucial role in security and maintenance. Its main function is to safeguard all internal organs from different types of injuries and to transmit information to brain. However, if there are conditions associated with the skin, then the person is sure to feel uncomfortable. This may result from medical or aesthetic reasons. Hence, to eliminate such issues, it will be necessary to consult the best Skin specialist in Mumbai.

Different procedures performed by the reputed skin specialists

·         Acne scar surgical procedure: In this chronic skin condition, hair follicles get plugged with dead skin cells and oil. It can be either in pus filled pimples or blackheads. When dry, scars may appear affecting aesthetic appearance. Prior to surgery, different types of conservative techniques are used like soft tissue fillers, home skin care, etc. Punch excision is a common surgery preferred by skin specialists. Individual acne scar is cut out in this minor procedure and repaired with skin graft or stitches. Subcision is another technique requiring insertion of needles.

·         Vitiligo surgery: Melanocytes is what gives the skin its color and is regarded as pigment cells. Vitiligo is stated to be a medical condition where pigment cells are lost by the skin. It causes skin discoloration in patches. Few areas are likely to be lighter when compared to the other, however, not in sync. Pigment producing cells either stop functioning normally or die. Its effect can be viewed on the different body parts, including the mouth, eyes and hair. Symptoms and signs include skin discoloration, graying or whitening of scalp hair, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes. Different techniques are used to perform vitiligo surgery. For small patches, mini-punch grafting is effective. For larger areas, there are used melanocyte transplants.

·         Nail surgery: The nail protects the fingertip as well as its surrounding tissues especially from minor injuries. Some conditions might hamper its growth like ingrown toenail. The toenail corner, in such condition, grows into surrounding skin rather than coming out naturally. Anesthesia is administered in its treatment. The two bases and area are numbed to prevent feeling of pain. Ingrown toenail gets removed and there is applied tight band for controlling blood loss. Nail is likely to remain numb for about 3-4 hours and surgery takes around 2 hours.

The above are just few of the skin surgical treatments offered by the specialists. They make sure that all problems are eliminated without much pain and side effects.

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