How Much Does It Cost to Build Your Own Business App?

By 2020, mobile apps will have 250+ billion downloads. This number is a proof that it is most likely to increase the demand for enterprise mobility. Here comes the opportunity for businesses. The enterprise app market is already blooming so why should your business not be a part of it?

An enterprise app should be able to handle the flow within an organisation with ease. An ideal enterprise app must have features like automation, excellent user experience, real time connectivity, analytics, cloud storage, secure data infrastructure, and an AI backed support system.

If an app has these features then they are considered to be a proper enterprise app. The mobile app development cost differs depending on multiple factors. The following points will help you find out how much does it cost to make an app. Let’s have a look.


Most mobile apps are developed on two of the most famous platforms: Android and iOS. You will have to choose among these two platforms and make a decision that suits you best. A good way to decide which platform to choose is to see where majority of your audience comes from. Enterprises that focus more on security choose iOS platform since it is more secure than Android. But when it comes to customization, Android has more flexibility to interact.


There are three types of apps that you can choose from- native, web and hybrid.

A native app is build for specific platform (Android or iOS) and can be downloaded from the app store. This type of app is not a cross-platform app.

A web app is not a ‘mobile app’ but rather a mobile-friendly version of a website which is the cheapest by far. However the stats show that 90% of people prefer using mobile applications to browse, shop or make payment rather than using mobile website.

A hybrid app is the easiest to build since it uses one programming language and can be used as cross-platform app. This is most developed app.


Whatever your business needs are, identify them. Before making an app strategy and planning the structure, see what you need and be specific. This will avoid any unnecessary cost that might incur. Your business model also determines what and how your app should be built so that you can gather the right audience and convert them. So, the purpose of building an app should be clear.


Simple apps cost less since they do not involve complex coding or detailed designing.
Apps with medium complexity may cost slightly higher than simple apps because of the work put in. The high complexity apps have heavy work done on them and uses a lot strategies and improvements to keep them properly functioning. Here is a comparison between the three:

Hours of work
Features included
Basic UI, simple filters, no API
Custom API, with backend, networking apps, tablet and mobile layout
High load, animation, 3D, database, API, networking, video and audio process


The size of the company that you will choose to develop your application will also affect the cost. It is usually seen that applications developed by big companies have higher cost as compared to small companies.

However, if you need a simple app will less complexity, you can get it done through subscription which may cost between $10- $100. But if you want a customised app developed by a highly experienced company then these are price ranges:

Hourly rate around the globe
US & Canada
$50- $250
Eastern Europe
$20- $150
Western Europe
$30- $170
$10- $80
$50- $150

On the other hand if you hire a developer on a monthly or hourly basis from freelancing websites, it will cost you less. The average cost a US developer charges is $100 an hour. But this of may compromise the quality and functioning of the app.

So, how much does it cost to build your own app?

Even after considering the above factors, the prices may be more than or less than what you have estimated. There is no fixed number that can tell you how much your app is going to cost unless and until you talk to the agency and plan out the procedure.

FREELANCE: If you are willing to hire a freelancer on weekly or hourly basis, these are the average estimated costs for different types of apps:

Avg. cost per hour
Native apps
(iOS or Android)

$35- $150
Cross platform apps (Xamarin)
$16- $55
React Native development
$20- $150

SMALL COMPANIES: Working with a small app development agency will cost you a minimum of $40,000 - $80,000 per app.

MEDIUM COMPANIES: These companies provide a slightly wider range of features than the small ones and the cost of building an app can cost between $1,50,00- $4,50,000.

LARGE COMPANIES: Large companies have a strong global presence with good experience and the cost to build an app with them can be between $5,00,000 to $10,00,000.
If you still wish to find out an estimate yourself then there are many mobile app development cost calculators that will help you find a approximate cost. The calculators help you choose from various factors which will determine your cost.

Here are some:

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