Does the IMEI method for iPhone 6 Work?

Apple computers are set to sell their 2 billionth smartphone in the world, which says a lot about how big their reach and presence is. One of the phones which helped change the fortune of the company is the iPhone 6, which until now has sold over 300 million units.

The phone was revolutionary for Apple, as it was the first that came with a brand new design and a wave of features, such as a larger display. The phone came with a premium price tag which was hard for people to afford; hence the option of taking up a contract seemed very lucrative.

Contracts are given out on smartphones by carriers, which ties them to a deal, where you can use the phone on only their network. But once the contract terms are over, it might be quite a hassle to use it on one network, especially if they have still stuck you with the same rates and plans. Unlock at iPhone 6 is the most common option when it comes to dealing with locked devices.

Does Apple permit the unlocking of their devices?

The simple answer is yes. Put simply manufacturers make their device with the intention to be used everywhere on earth, and on any network. But with the ease of payment option of contracts, it is often easy for consumers to choose that route. The unlocking methods are not illegal or even uncommon, but some are unsafe and the best option is to go for the IMEI method.

This uses the International Mobile Equipment Identity number, which is unique to each device; to change the status of the device from locked to unlocked. The alteration is done on Apple’s database of mobile phones and you will need to go to a service which has access to the database. The process takes about a few minutes and once you restart your device; you will be able to use any sim card, from any network, anywhere in the world. It is also a onetime process, hence there is no need to get it done every time you switch sim cards.  

What is the advantage of unlocking your device?

The single most important benefit is the freedom from your carrier and the ability to use multiple sim cards on your device, although the latter cannot be used at the same time. For frequent travellers and people who like to customize their plans, this is an absolutely great deal. Another excellent advantage that comes with unlocking an iPhone 6, is an uptick in its resale value. If you have kept your device in excellent condition, then you can fetch a good sum for that. 

The whole process also does not affect your phone in any way whatsoever, in terms of performance, battery life and data. It all remains the same way as it was before, as the unlock process simply removes the lock on bandwidth usage as placed by the carrier. So all you need to do is get your iPhone 6 unlocked and you can then use it to the fullest of its abilities. 

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