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Is that mine is special", special for complicated, for particular, for cheap. They still think that automating tests is Science Fiction or for idyllic situations that do not apply in their case.Often they have had in their team some exploratory initiative at the controls of Selenium or even pulling a Jenkins, who have tried to automate in their spare time and thus have issued their diagnosis of impossibility / in feasibility, simply because they were not applying a criterion of globalist.

It is almost always possible and useful to automate. When established by the understanding of test automation as an investment. It is interesting to add test automation in our process of building and deploying software when it is profitable for the business. The dvt software UK is important now.

Do you use a special tool? Do you do it based on customized scripts?

This is often the doubt among those who really know the value of software tests and know that it is possible to automate them, so they focus on the tools of test automation.

Thus, in some cases they have already bought commercial products, such as those of the extinct HPE Software (integrated in Micro Focus), but they are not very sure of their value. In other cases, consider the possibility of working with an Open Source tool.

The tools are the consequence of our decisions at the level of software quality assurance processes (SQA). For example, incorporating agile design with TDD requires aligning the work culture in the organization, which is much more expensive, deeper and more profitable than buying a tool. The minimum level of concern has to be what is the test strategy that we are going to use, usually, the orientation to business flow tests is the most recommended option.

Where do I start to automate?

Problems with environments, monolithic systems, "patch over patch and patch again" developments, departmental silos, etc. Our interlocutors must live with so many bugs that end up showing the same allergic reaction when they talk about automatic tests (Another bug!). Hence his disorientation about where to start is there.

To get oriented in this jungle, we recommend starting by identifying test tasks that are boring, repetitive and without much apparent value, but that could be decisive in very specific moments or that always generate fault conditions in their current systems. It is only a small first step but relieves itching.

Then it is necessary to enter into more elaborate nuances, such as frequency of change or criticalities from business. Our focus is usually to ensure that there is no backward movement in the product, that is, to automate the functional regression tests.

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