Natural Smells Are Always Better

People might have a dilemma regarding the use of natural perfumes. But natural perfumes are the best thing that can happen to you.

Yes, people always fall for traditional perfumes and they do smell good but they might not be good for your health or skin. Have you ever thought of that? Switching to natural perfumes is any day a good idea and one should immediately do that if they have not done it already. One can buy organic solid perfumes online and try to use it once. Because; once they use it; there might be no looking back.

Here are some major benefits of using natural perfumes or organic perfumes.

·      First of all, they all have natural smells. They might not smell really strong because they do not have any chemical smells. Yes, one might find regular perfumes super strong and good smell because in most of then what the manufacturers’ uses are synthetic ingredients. Those synthetic ingredients are cheaper and easily available and it is easy to use them than that of using natural ingredients. But those who make good quality organic perfumes try to put essential oils in them which are pure and natural extracts of fruits, flowers and spices. They smell very clean and pure.

·       There are many people who have fragrance allergies. So what do they do? Are they not allowed to use perfumes? Well, mostly fragrance allergies happen due to synthetic smells and it can lead to problems like sneezing, headaches, runny nose and itchy red skin. Sometimes it can lead to serious breathing troubles as well. But when it comes to natural fragrance these people mostly do not face any serious issues. This is because, natural smells are light and they do not contain any chemicals. Natural products are always safe to the skin and so it neither causes serious allergies on skin or some breathing problems.

·     Most of the chemical perfumes have parabens as their main ingredient. And they are said to be very cost effective. But there have been many scientific researches which say that parabens can be a major cause of breast cancer. So this is very risky for women to use these chemical perfumes. On the other hand, the natural perfumes have organic extracts which has nothing to do with any kind of chemicals. Also, natural perfumes mostly have sugar cane alcohol which is a natural anti bacterial which has no side effects.

·   In most scented products, phthalates are there. These are cheap solvents which can make a fragrance last longer. But they are major hormone disrupters and it has a negative impact on children. They are also not good for your lungs. But natural perfumes do not use phthalates to make their fragrance last longer. So they can be breathed in easily.

·     Also, chemical perfumes are tested on animals which are a very bad idea. Natural perfumes do not need any animal testers.

Organic solid perfumes are easily available online or else one can get them at stores that deal with natural products.

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