Mistakes You Can End Up Doing in Sat

No matter how genius or intelligent you are, if you are making mistakes in your preparation; you cannot crack tests like SAT. You have to be attentive with your preparation only then you can perform in the best possible manner.

If you are preparing for Sat exam Singapore, it is crucial that you don’t make any stupid mistakes. While you prepare for the test, make sure that you have acquainted yourself with all the areas; you should know what types of questions you would find in the test. It should not be a shot in the dark. You have to plan the pattern in which you would give the test.

Don’t stick to sequence

If you go by sequence, it would not be great for you. It would be good if you pick the questions that you find easy to crack. If there is a question that is difficult and is taking so much of your time, it is important that you pick the other first. Leave it there and do it only if you get time later on. Often it has been seen that aspirants glue to the sequence and hence waste a lot of their time.

Be careful while reading

Many students have an approach of reading half and leaving the rest. If you are one of these students you need to give up on such things. You have to read each and every word carefully.  Make sure you are paying much attention to every single question and you read it   several times before you start with your answer. On the challengingproblems, you are not going to grasp the whole question on one reading. You might have to read it once twice or even thrice for exact understanding.

An organized approach

You have to make sure that you do all of your scratch work in a proper and systematic manner. It would be good if you write in the blank area given in the test booklet. In this way you would stay ready whenever the need arises for your actions.

Write Sensibly

Make sure that you have written legibly.  The entire work should be clear enough so that you can   read your own handwriting.  Such a thing is assistive in situations when you end up withany answer that is notgiven in answer choices. This is something that often   happens when one makes an uncaring mistake. You can make the most of the written stuff only if it is written in a legible manner.

Slow down a bit

If you get tempted by a question and you are getting dragged towards writing it right away then you need to slow down. You cannot start writing the moment you end reading the question. Give yourself a few seconds to absorb the question properly and then start writing with a thought. You need to know what exactly is asked in the question. Sometimes questions sound simpler but a single word in them changes the entire question. If you slow down before you start writing; you can crack that trap.
Thus, whether you are doing sat prep Singapore or just curious about this test; these mistakes should be on your plate. In this way, you can avoid them while giving the exam.

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