How to Choose Best Honda Bikes

The Indian scooter market has drastically evolved from what it used to be during the 90’s and early 2000’s. Honda has shaped the industry with its Activa brand to another heights with a whooping share of 51% being a family favourite scooter. And now, the Activa brand has come up with an upgraded version of its Activa 4G to Activa 5G. It brings all the same compact design that hasn’t been tinkered much over the years with some additional features packed in. But the question arises when buyers are now looking for more feature oriented scooters and Honda Activa 5G?

Aspects and Overview:

       Design: It hasn’t deviated from the DNA of Activa range but surely the new features up the style quotient of the scooter. It has got a new LED yellow gold coloured headlight with front apron having two chrome inserts. On a wider lens, Honda is playing relatively safe and appeals to a mature crowd and not tinkering its design. The quality as usual feels really good and solid.
       Performance: It has got same engine that powered the previous generations with a 109.19cc single air-cooled cylinder. This translates to an unchanged performance and has been suited to the city riding conditions. The 0-60kmph clock marks at 10.55secs. This in turn has helped for better fuel efficiency with an average mileage of 58.1kmpl.
    Comfort: It’s a fairly comfortable upright and relaxed position seating arrangement. The pillion is placed well that helps having a good reach to foot pegs that have good infolding capacity in the body.  With smooth and good padding it makes less struggle when stuck in traffic.
        City-made: Well, it’s a pure family scooter that can’t be ignored and may show tearing when pushed beyond limits. But yes, it is extremely handy in driving your way through heavy traffic. It boasts the same-old suspension that has been applied for the past 18 years. Both front suspension and rear mono-shock perform surprisingly well and can ably tackle any obstacle or hurdle ahead.
      Brakes: Like the suspension, even the brakes are the same as the previous generation with 130mm drums at both ends that slow the engine progressively. It stops from 60kmph within 22.5mts. The Combi Brake system has been bundled as is the case with all other Honda Activa versions.

Features and Verdict:

One sure thing to look for is the knee room and the floorboard space offered. Yes, it offers a decent amount of space like its competitors. Also, it offers a very vital feature of charging point for your mobile in the storage area. But it does lack small cubbies on the front apron and an under-seat storage lamp too which the newer ones offer.

It is priced at Rs.55, 000 for the deluxe version and a couple of thousand less for the standard version. Surely, Honda has kept the legacy of Activa alive with minimal changes mostly on the cosmetic appeal of the scooter. On the other hand, there are other competitors with immense competition and better features and performance.

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