Heart Bypass Surgery: Some important facts

The heart is the organ that pumps the blood to all the parts of the body. A little disruption in its function can cause severe damage to many parts of the body, and hence one has to take care of the well-being of this vital organ. The hearts bypass surgery also known as the coronary artery bypass surgery is the process of replacement of damaged arteries which has a major function of supplying blood to the muscles of the heart. These surgeries are done when the patients have the problem of damaged or blocked coronary arteries which creates a major malfunctioning in the pumping of the heart muscles due to the insufficient blood supply. This ultimately causes severe problems related to heart and its functioning naming some of the few would be heart attack, heart failure and many such kinds of complicacions and cardiac issues.

Heart Bypass Surgery and its types

There are different kinds of bypass surgeries depending on the number of coronary arteries blocked or damaged. To name a few, they are:

·         Single bypass heart surgery:
In this case, only one artery is blocked, and through surgery, the particular artery is replaced which further aids in the proper functioning of the heart.
·         Double bypass surgery:
In this case, two coronary arteries are damaged, and through surgery, both the arteries are replaced.
·         Triple bypass surgery:
In this case, three arteries are blocked or damaged, and the surgery is done to replace the three of them.
·         Quadruple bypass surgery:
In this case, four arteries are blocked or damaged which is further replaced through the bypass surgery.

Reasons behind undergoing heart bypass surgery

The actual reason behind the necessity to conduct a heart bypass surgery is when a material named plaque in the blood starts to build up abundantly in the walls of the arteries, and then the amount of blood flowing into the heart decreases to a considerable extent. Due to less blood supply in the heart muscle, the heart becomes fatigued and exhausted.

Ultimately it results in the malfunctioning of the heart muscles. This disease is referred to as the coronary artery disease or atherosclerosis. In such case, the doctors suggest you go for bypass surgery if the blockage in your arteries is too severe to be treated by drugs, medicines or any such other preferably easier methods.

But a major difference between the drugs treatment and the bypass surgery is the cost. The heartbypass surgery in India cost is preferably very high as compared to the treatment of such complications through drugs and medicines. The post-surgery condition is quite a painful one for a patient to go through.

Waking up from the bypass surgery, the patient would find a tube in his/her mouth. Later on, he might have a short-term memory loss and confusions. This is not such a major issue, but it happens to patients undergoing bypass surgery often. The patients would also find it difficult to keep on track of the time.

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