Benefits of Taking a Loan Against Property

Quite often, people are apprehensive about taking loans against property. This could be due to the myths people build around these loans or the focus on unfortunate consequences, which is needless as long as you are doing your bit correctly.
Secured forms of loans include LAPs. This is vocalized very distinctly by experts in finances. There seems to be no hesitation from the banks since the property is collateral in these loans and hence helps your case in loan against property eligibility. Though many of you may be unknown to this, loan against property comes with its own set of benefits.
Here, we quickly run you down a few important benefits that come with Loan against Property.
1.       Secured
The chances of a Loan against Property being approved are higher as opposed to an unsecured loan. Secured loans are also a great way of improving credit scores. The only thing you would need to do is to clear the property title and furnish some other proofs. You can then avail of the loan.
2.       Cheaper loan option
Loan against Property is a cheaper option as compared to unsecured loans. Therefore, this makes LAP an effective way to meet monetary demands during the times of financial needs.
3.       Flexible loan tenure
Loan duration is considered in the case when LAP is longer. This makes Loan against Property a viable option as the tenure can extend for as long as 20 years, in case the loan amount is high.
4.       Serves a variety of needs
The amount that has been given to you as a Loan against Property can be utilised in any manner you wish to. There aren’t many restrictions to the way you can spend the money loaned to you. It has been noticed that people usually opt for these loans in the face of situations that demand higher amounts of money, like education, medical expenses, marriage, purchasing house, travel plans, business set-up, etc.
5.       Overdraft facility or Equated monthly instalments.
In LAP, you have the benefit of paying the loan either through monthly instalments (EMI) or through the overdraft facility, whichever suits your financial structure better. Overdraft facility is basically the evaluation of property along with your account history that confirms your overdraft limit thereby verifying your Loan against Property eligibility.
6.       Comfortable EMIs.
Usually, LAP tenures are longer than other loans. This means that you would then have to pay smaller instalments as your EMIs. That is only if you choose a longer tenure. The feature that allows you to pay up in small, comfortable chunks over a longer tenure makes LAP the best loan type.
7.       Top up
Whenever you opt for a loan against property, you can also opt for top-up funding. Existing LAPs allow top-up funding. It always is handy if you happen to require additional monetary fix over the said property.
Applying for a Loan against Property comes with a vast list of benefits. So, the next time a need arises, tend to the need first and keep your apprehension about LAP at bay.

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