What is Stopping You from getting Flawless Skin

Every women desire having flawless and moisturised skin. External factors like sun, sweat, dust and pollution makes your skin look dull and dry. Against this backdrop, it is essential to maintain the correct ph balance of the skin by keeping it hydrated. At the same time, proper moisturizing is required to keep your skin hydrated.

Just like any other organ of our body, skin is also needs adequate care to make it glow. Whatever we eat and choose to drink affect the skin texture. Not just sun’s UV rays but changing weather also has deep effect on our skin. Therefore, no matter the season, deep moisturizing of the skin cells will help in maintaining the skin glow and lustre.

Though moisturising of the skin is essential, most of the time you forget to understand whether whether your skin needs moisture or hydration. You might think that it is one if 

Understanding Hydration and Moisturising

One of the common mistakes that most of us make is of buying several beauty care products and not even a single one relevant to the skin type. Shelling out so much money and still not getting the adequate results for your skin is a recurring issue. Everyone ask what is the right way to keep the skin hydrated. Here the main issue is not of choosing the right product but to understand the deeper issue of whether your skin needs hydration or moisturising.

Do you feel your skin needs water, it is too dry and patchy. Then it is time to understand that your body lacks hydration. Drinking 2 litres of water a day is essential to keep your skin hydrated. Throughout the day, the skin gets exposed to sun and dust, this leads to increased wear and tear of the skin. It can be treated only by providing adequate  At the same time, nourishing the skin properly even after a bath is essential. While dehydrated skin requires water for hydration, a dry skin needs moisturising for keeping it nourished.

Choosing an Oil

To mend for patchy and dry skin what is better than oil. Essential and natural oils like coconut and olive oil are a great source of vitamin A and E which will nourish the skin. By rubbing the oil before going to bed and also immediately after bath will keep the skin moisturised. Oil helps in retaining the water content of the face and thus the skin will remain hydrated throughout the day.

Also, this can be repeat twice or thrice a day to make your skin look fresh and flawless. Dry skin will also create issues of fine line which is something that everyone dreads. Adequate usage of oil to nourish the face skin will help reduce the early onset of ageing. Try to choose the best oils that will create long lasting effect on the skin.

Usage of Scrubber

Another effective way to get flawless skin is by using a scrubber. Keeping a scrubber handy and using the same every week will help rid of excess oil and dead cells. Scrubber will walnut particles or almonds also enrich the skin with the required nutrients that will keep it stay clear throughout the day,

Homemade Products for Effective Moisturizing

There are several products available in the market which guarantees result for skin, however they prove to be a waste of money. The tall claims made by the company’s manufacturing such products fall flat and therefore we move back to basics. Usage of homemade products is being followed since centuries because these conventional methods to moisturizing your skin kis sure shot way to get desired results. Some of the products which have found increased usage include

Organic Honey

Honey is rich source for moisturizing a dry skin and is the best natural emollient and humectant. The best quality about honey is that it helps clear pores and penetrates the skin deeply with it antioxidant properties.

Natural Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is one of the most common emollient that is used in cosmetic products and skin care creams. Rather than shelling out money on these creams, using natural aloe vera gel is of greater advantage. It is the best source of vitamin A and E besides having anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to skin, it provides a soothing feel to patchy and cracked skin.

Besides, these natural products, avocados, butter milk and cocoa butter are also used to get flawless nourished skin.

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