Secret Surveillance Apps for Small Business Owner

The rising trend of using secret surveillance apps has been penetrated in the business world. Employers have to use the technology tools that keep them updated about the activities of their employees within the working hours on company’s owned gadgets and devices. In business offices, employers usually provide the gadgets that are trendy, powerful and fast.

So, I have come across the information bosses usually provide their employees Android, IOS and blackberries cell phones, tablets and pads respectively. When it comes to the computer devices at workplace windows and MAC machines are the first priority of the business owners.

Reasons Behind the usage of secret Surveillance Apps

Normally, the use of the monitoring apps is for keeps a hidden eye on the employee’s daily based performance and to make sure a check and balance at a workplace. Furthermore, to prevent the time wasting activities of the employees on the company’s owned gadgets and devices.

However, employers also use the cell phone and computer monitoring apps in order to prevent the un-authorized data breaching within devices to secure the business confidential data. These are the elements and the basic reasons that have raised the phenomenon of using spy apps on the devices and gadgets.

Therefore I am going to tell you about the best secret surveillance apps that are at the top and provide best services to business owners. There are following top three hidden spy apps for cell phones and as well for the computer devices respectively.

TheOneSpy for cell Phones & Gadgets

Cell phone secret surveillance app is highly advanced and best for contemporary smartphones. It works under complete secrecy and best for the employee monitoring.
It has quite user-friendly interface and provides employers state of the art and powerful features that brings the real-time results and sent to your to the user online control panel.

The user will get the dashboard credentials at the time of subscription and you can install the cell phone spy app on your employee's gadgets you have provided.

A user can use its dozens of features such as call spy to record and listen to the calls in real-time, a user can view sent and received text messages, monitor social media apps running on the phone and control the target cell phone device activities as block messages, incoming calls, and internet.

Furthermore, employers can track the location your employee by tracking the GPS location of a mobile device with the complete time stamp.

However, a user can listen to the surround sounds and Voices with MIC bug app view the surround visuals with spyvidcam bug and last but the least capture images with camera bug app of the cell phone tracking app.

Computer Surveillance App

The computer devices that run with MAC and Windows have considered over the years best for business point of view.

Because the devices are contemporary and fast when it comes to performing digital operations and on the other hands the computer tracking app for windows and MAC devices provide you the hidden way to spy on all the activities done by the employees within the working hours.

You can easily get to know what your employees are doing in your absence on the devices and even you can hear the surround Voices to the fullest.

The user can use computer spy app to track target MAC laptop and desktop machine with screen recording and get to know the activities.

Furthermore, the user can use website blocking for computer spy app to block a website that is time wasting.

However, users can real-time monitoring, user-friendly reports, camera bug, keylogger, on-demand screenshots, windows offline& online monitoring and MAC sync settings.

All these tools of Computer surveillance solutions are the best to monitor the target widows and MAC PCs.

Mspy Surveillance App

I would say, it is the best surveillance software for employee monitoring and that keeps you updated perfectly about the target cell phone devices owned by the employer. But, you may have an argument that why I have put it in third place? The answer is pretty simple, it is very expensive employee tracking app, but provide you contemporary features to keep a hidden eye on your employee’s gadgets. Its powerful features bring you the best surveillance results. You can use call recording, social media monitoring, browsing history, GPS location tracking, screenshots, call intercept, text messages spy, email monitoring and last but not the least keylogger and user-activity in order to know what your employee is doing on the company’s provided gadgets.


All the above-mentioned apps are the best of the best secret surveillance apps, but TheOneSpy and computer surveillance apps are the ultimate apps for cell phone and MAC and windows devices respectively. Moreover, Small business owners can use it for better productivity of their growing business.

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