Register for E-Way Bill System: Forgot Username Password Options

When you move goods worth more than 50,000 INR, you need documentation call the e-Way bill. There are a few instances when you do not need it such as when you move notified goods or when your state has not notified e-Way bill for intra-state. You also do not need the bill when you use non-motor transportation.

Time of commencement

The trial basis of the e-Way bill system began on Jan. 16, 2018. It becomes compulsory for all inter-state goods movement from Apr.1, 2018. The choice of the date for the intra-state movement of the e-Way bill remains with the individual states to decide before June 1, 2018. All the suppliers and recipients of goods must register in the e-Way bill system. Transporters also need to become registered if the supplier and recipient are both not registered.

For the e-Way bill registration, you need to keep a few things ready. These include the GSTIN number and the mobile phone number you used to register the GSTIN number. You should give a username and password. The username must have at least 8 characters and must be less than 15 characters. The password can have alphabets, numerals, and special characters. The same condition applies for the password which should have at least 8 characters.

Way to register

If you are a registered taxpayer, you must go to website and click on the E-way bill registration tab. The screen will prompt you to enter your GSTIN number. Do so and click on GO. In the screen that appears, the Trade name, Applicant name, Mobile Number, and Address are already filled in by the computer.

The user must look for a tab named Send OTP and click it. The computer will send the OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter this number into the given slot and click Verify. Now, you must enter the username you wish to use with the e-Way bill system. Then, enter the password and then verify all the entered details. Now, you can use this username and password to generate e-Way bills while moving your goods.

Other options available

You have two more provisions on this website. One is the Forgot Username of E-Way Bill Portal and the other is the Forgot Password. Here is the way to retrieve the username or password if you forgot them. On the E-Way Bill Portal, click on the Forgot Username link. On the screen that appears, you have to enter your personal details. This includes the GSTIN number, pin code of the place where you do business, state, and the registered mobile number. Click on GO. The computer will send your Username to your Mobile Number.

In the same way, if you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link. The screen will appear where you have to enter the GSTIN number, pin code of the place of business, state, and your mobile number. When you click GO, the computer will send you the password through your registered mobile phone. You can use the password to log in and create a new password.

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