4 unique things that you can look forward in terms of gene editing

Till date gene editing has not provided complete cure to a human being. But somewhere down the lines it is getting closer. CRISPR had an outstanding debut a few years back. Ever since that point of time developments in the domain of technology has been taking place at a rampant pace. Yes we are discussing about germline modification moratorium that has been a major revolution. Let us now go through the amazing list that went on to emerge in the last few years.

Initial human embryos that spring up in US went on to undergo modification by CRISPR

The first attempt was made in US in order to modify the genetically human embryos. An attempt was made so that the CRISPR could be injected on to the embryos that lead to the emergence of genetic mutation. Though researches in China had tried on the same concept, but this was the largest as on date.

You can confer the fact that CRISPR became more and more precise

Any Gerome editing mechanisms or CRISPR worked on one major principle. It would mean making double stranded breaks in the DNA. If you want to add or delete genes this works out to be a useful method. But as far as genetic aberrations are concerned it can take place at a small level of the Gerome. It could be very well possible that you would want to add or delete a single letter of the gene and it is not going to evolve the whole gene. This concept goes by the name of base editing. This was a concept that sprung up in 2017. Instead of a whole gene, researcher went on to target single letter. So you can say that germline modification ethics has scripted a new chapter. This works out to be a new tool where aA- T base pair could be turned over to G- C pair.

Pigs were put to use

Scientists went a step forward where they went to modify pigs under CRISPR. In fact there does arise a huge demand for organ transplants. The organs of pig could be used in human beings who are suffering from heart, liver or lung problems. One of the problems that arises is that pig does have a degree of virus in their DNA. The chances are that it could be transferred on to human beings and cause diseases. What the researches do is that they with the help of CRISPR disable these viruses. The moment any pigs are born, it is healthy and fit.

Last but not the least a gene editing treatment was embedded on to a 44 year old patient for the first time. it was designed in such a way so as to modify their cells. You go on to use a DNA old editing approach and the CRISPR method is not adopted. The treatment did not yield the desired results, but the long term benefits are worth for sure.

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