Valve Replacement Surgery: The Most Innovative Surgery

Heart is the most important organ of human body for the blood flowing all over the body. It is very important is flowing of blood at the proper direction in a best rate with each of our heartbeat. If the valves of the heart does not works properly that means the open and close of heart not in perfect rhythm then various problem occurs in our body. At this situation we need the heart valve replacement surgery is needed. With the age and different disease the valves get damaged and it does not open and close properly which is abnormality of aortic valve. The treatment of valve is depend on the type of valves. There are several valve disease are available those are:
  1. Aortic valve disease
  2. Tricuspid valve disease
  3. Pulmonary valve disease 
  4. Mitral valve disease 

If your heart is at the bad condition then you need some test and diagnosis on your body those are:
  • CT scan on chest
  • Chest X-ray
  • Signal Average ECG
  • Holter monitor
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Cardiography
  • Electrophysiological study

There are various symptoms are available for the heart disease those are dizziness, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, heart problem, rapid weight gain, swelling of feet, ankles and abdomen and many more. Every surgery have some risk like that the valve replacement surgery also have different types of risks like bleeding after the surgery, heart attack for the clotting of blood, infection, pneumonia, abnormal heart rhythms, and breathing problems.
After the valve replacement surgery you have to stay some days at the intensive care unit for the monitoring purpose. Several experienced physicians constantly monitor your state of heart, blood pressure, oxygen level and breathing rate in an efficient way. This monitoring is also very important at the time of coughing or taking deep breath. It is not very comfortable for the sore of surgery but the important thing is doesn’t lodge any mucus at your heart and by this monitoring process physician confirm this. You will fell lots of pain after this surgical process and by many medicines you can get relief from it. Many hospital are available for the valvereplacement surgery in India.
At this you can’t take full meal and solid food. You have take liquid diet at this situation and have to tolerate it. When you start recovery then you can move from one room to another or walk at the floor. You will are ready to go your home doctor will prescribe you some medicine, rule and curing procedure. You have to maintain all the guidance and make regular follow up with doctors.
Conclusion: Valve replacement surgery is one of the innovative replacement technique of your body which is very useful for your body. It will provide you a new life at the most difficult condition of your body. A heart works for the delivering of blood all over our body more than sixty to eighty times in a minute. To carry nutrients and oxygen all over our body this is really very important.  To remove all the abnormality at our heart this replacement surgery is needed.

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