The Smooth Truth: Make Your Smoothie and Stay Healthy

Vegetables are nobody’s favorite food. Most of it taste terrible, and people have a hard time including vegetables in their diet. Fruits may be a bit easier to eat, but not all fruits taste good, too. However, there is another way to consume vegetables and fruits without suffering from the taste.

A smoothie is a thick drink made out of blending fruits or vegetables with water, milk, or yogurt. This drink is delicious and healthy at the same time. People who find it hard to include vegetables and fruits in their daily diet can indulge in smoothies. Here are some suggestions on ingredients that you can mix for your organic smoothie and how your health can benefit from this drink.

Fruits for Your Smoothie

Certain fruits are recommended for fruit smoothies.
  • Citrus fruits (grapefruit, kumquat, lemon, and lime) contain a lot of vitamins which helps boost the immune system. It also provides potassium which regulates your body’s blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy.
  • Berries (cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and grapes) contain antioxidants and phytonutrients which helps fight diseases which can damage the body.
  • Tropical fruits (mango, coconut, pineapple, and banana) are excellent sources of Vitamin C which help maintain the health of your bones and nerves.
  • Drupes (peach, plum, and cherry) contain beta-carotene which helps keep your eyesight and immune system healthy.
  • Pomes (apples and pears) contain antioxidants, dietary fiber, and flavonoids. It can help in reducing weight.
  • Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew) contain carotenoids which help prevent cancer.

Vegetables for your Smoothie

Fruits taste better than vegetables. If you want to add vegetables to your smoothie, try mixing it up with some fruits for a better-tasting smoothie. If you’re going to mix more ingredients for your smoothie, sites like Deal Wiki offer blenders for the perfectly blended smoothie.
  • Cauliflower helps prevent cancer, and it’s full of Vitamin C. Mix frozen cauliflower in  a strawberry-banana smoothie.
  • Spinach is an excellent source of VItamin A and C. Mix spinach into a kiwi-banana smoothie.
  • Arugula helps lower blood pressure and is also incredibly rich in nitrate. MIx arugula in your smoothie made with lemon juice, kale, and cucumber.
  • Cabbage carries a lot of vitamins which is beneficial for your body. Add shredded red cabbage to a blueberry smoothie mixed with almond milk.
  • Carrots are excellent sources of antioxidants and help decrease risk for cancer. Add carrots to your apple-celery smoothie.

Benefits of a Smoothie

  1. Smoothies can help you lose weight. Smoothies can be used as a meal replacement, but can also be used as a beverage to go with your meal.
  2. Smoothies can help you stay hydrated. During hot seasons, a smoothie can help you fight the heat and avoid dehydration.
  3. Smoothies can improve your natural beauty by supplying your body with vitamins and essential minerals.
  4. Smoothies can aid digestion. Some vegetables and fruits contain dietary fibers which help your digestion.
  5. Smoothies can boost your energy, but this mainly depends on the ingredients that you mix for your smoothie.
  6. Smoothies help you get creative. You can try experimenting with flavors and ingredients with your smoothie.
  7. Smoothies taste better because it’s a mixture of two or more ingredients. Most kids don’t like eating vegetables, but a smoothie can help your child consume vegetables in a tasty way.
  8. Smoothies can help you detoxify. Nature offers its own, organic detoxifiers which are found in vegetables and fruits. Mixing these into your smoothie can help you detoxify naturally.
  9. Smoothies enhance your immune system. Strengthen your immune system by giving your body the vitamins that it needs to stay healthy.
  10. Smoothies help you sleep better. A healthier body also means better sleep. So slurp that smoothie to get enough sleep at night.


Smoothies are easy to make, and its health benefits are numerous. It’s an excellent way to introduce vegetables into your kid’s daily meals. It can also help you stay healthy and fit.

There are countless ways to make smoothies. Keep mixing it up to achieve the smoothie that works for you, and for your whole family, too.

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