Information About Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

During the course of pregnancy yeast infections are common in the life of a woman. This is all the more during the second trimester of pregnancy. At this point of time you will be witnessing a white and odour prone discharge. It has to be said that it happens to be common during the second trimester of pregnancy. In the midst of all this pregnancy infections medicine would ensure a degree of relief, but you need to figure out what are the infections you would need to deal with.

In case if you are suffering from yeast infection then the more information that is provided you can discuss the possibility with your doctor. It has to be stated that they have no negative impact on pregnancy but it needs to be addressed and can be compared to treatment of aids in pregnancy at the same time. Such infections are pretty much difficult to control when you are pregnant and this adds to the level of being uncomfortable as well.

Facts about yeast infection

To start off yeast infection tends to emerge where the levels of yeast along with acid work out of balance. This does allow the yeast to grow make it quiet uncomfortable. In case if it has not been diagnosed or treated before you should get in touch with your doctor for accurate diagnosis along with treatment. Since other infections tend to have more or less the same symptoms you would need to figure out that the infection is being treated properly. In fact certain types of treatment are not recommended during the course of pregnancy as well. The main reasons for a yeast infection emerging are.

  • Hormonal changes that tend to arise during the period of your pregnancy or before that
  • If you are suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar
  • Douching
  • Semen or blood
  • Vaginal intercourse

It has been observed that yeast infections tend to be all the more common during the phase of pregnancy. The reason for it is that the body does go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and it becomes quite difficult for the body in order to cope up with the changes happening in the vagina. The net result is an imbalance which does point to a lot of yeast.

In terms of treatments the doctors do ask the patients to go for vaginal creams. Any form of oral medication is not rated to be safe during the period of pregnancy. It has to be stated that not all vaginal creams are supposed to be used during the period of pregnancy. It is suggested that you get in touch with your doctor about the cream which you would need to use. If it is untreated it could pass on to the baby through the mouth at the time of delivery. In medical terms this is known as thrush. It is going to take roughly around 10 to 14 days to obtain relief or to get rid of the infection completely.

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