7 Ways You Can Rock Your Long Distance Relationship

Are you in a long distance relationship and pine for everything a happy relationship offers?

We agree surviving a long distance relationship is hard. But there are various ways in which you can absolutely turn the tables and rock your love life. It’s time to bring some charm and make your relationship a happening one. Try out these 7 ways and strengthen the bond despite being miles away.

1. Read Books Together

Spend some peaceful time together by reading books together. Read out the book over the phone to your partner. This is not just a constructive way of spending time together but also gives you a reason to stick over the phone and listen to them for long.

2. Match Your Dine-Out

Decide the time and go out to eat the same food together at different places. Eating the same food while you both talk and share your thoughts over the phone is surely going to be helpful in curbing the distance in between.

3. Keep Calm & Talk On

While you both talk to each other, it’s important to keep calm as a lot of times arguments ensue from something too petty. And the only mantra every long distance couple should remember is to keep calm and patience rather than jumping into a fight leading to a more heated argument.

4. Never Miss The Morning Text

It’s beautiful to be the first thought of your partner’s day. Send them a morning text every single day so that even if on certain days you don’t do it, they feel something lacking in the day and that’s you.

5. Surprise Them With Gifts

Gifting them something special on important occasions helps in bringing you both together in beautiful ways. It shows the care. But do you know what’s better to help you both feel connected? It’s an unexpected gift. A surprise for your partner. It doesn’t have to be swanky because you are miles or countries away. You can send gifts, edibles and flowers to India and make them feel loved in a budget.

6. Give Nicknames & Have Fun

It’s cute and lovey-dovey. Give each other nicknames and have fun. Think of funny names for your partner. This will help you both be friends and stick around each other as friends too. Build lighter memories apart from romantic ones.

7. Finally, Don’t Cram Up During Meetings

Once you meet each other after a long time, do not cram up a lot of things to make the moment special and happening. Spend a quiet time together, may be a date night or binge watching web series at home rather than rushing up to do everything outside the home.

Stay strong, stay happy

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